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Are you in danger?

Always there is the risk that your site can be compromised, for anyone to try to guarantee that your site is 100% safe is fooling themselves and hopefully not you.

We perform nightly off site backups. It may be a good thing for you to do the same but honestly we think we have you covered. Where we can get into trouble is, if your site gets compromised and weeks go by without anyone knowing. After 30 days your site will have become overwritten with a new backup, and if the site was backed up compromised there is not a lot we can do.

You must check your site at least once a week, we all know that they are out there, lurking spying, just waiting for a mistake on your part, a slip in your password, personal information transmitted through an email, many different ways they can get to your site and reek havoc.

Chances are that if you let us know quickly enough we have the data stored offsite and can restore for you, timing is of the essence.


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