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Mail forwards

What are mail forwards and should I use them?

The short answer is yes. The difference between a mail forward and an email account is simply put, location. Very often we need several email addresses for various reasons, but if one sets up 7 email addresses one has to check 7 different email accounts in order to get all of the email. But by setting up email forwards instead of email accounts you can save yourself some time and frustration by having only one place to go to check your email.

For example, I have several email addresses that I forward to my real email of If you send an email to, or to the email get forwarded to my real email address invisibly.

Of course when I reply to that email it will show that it comes from and this may not be applicable, but in most cases it is fine, and it will save you space on your webhosting package by not having mailboxes loaded up with mail that is not picked up.

Main thing is, if you create a forward, I would highly recommend you do not create an email account for it, let the forward do the work



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