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The download library has all the manuals, programs and other files that you may need to get your website up and running.


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Anti Virus and repair scripts
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Computer Maintenace
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Team Viwer to remote assist

Popular Downloads

File Flush DNS Script
This is a Windows ONLY batch script that flushes your DNS cache. Unzip then double click "flushdns.bat" a black window will pop up then disappear really quick, after that your DNS has been refreshed. In English: This runs a line of code in CMD ( The black window that pops up ) that can help resolve problems with seeing the wrong page or an outdated page when refreshing your browser. Nothing in this file is harmful to your PC, anti virus programs may block it due to it being a .bat file which can be made to harm your PC, this .bat file however is harmless, if anything it might help your PC.
Filesize: 176 B

File Team Viewer
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Team Viewer Remote Desktop assist
Filesize: 7.42 MB

File Reg Seeker 1.55
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This is one of the most robust registry cleaners and optimizers you will find, use with caution in that you want to always use the default settings unless you know what your doing
Filesize: 439 kB

File Clam anti Virus for windows
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This is the Clam anti virus for windows, it is 100% free and driven by the open source people, the program is funded by donations and we use the Unix version on our machines.
Filesize: 31.1 MB

File CC Cleaner
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Microsoft recommended registry and system cleaner
Filesize: N/A


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