Chicago Network

We are still getting disk errors on the main entry box on Chicago, please check the accountments often as we mayh have to do an emerganecy migration, we are also backing up off sitge to the Dallas net every day, soif the worst happened we have a current backup of your site

16th Mar 2012
eval(base64_decode hack

eval(base64_decode hack going around the internet, If your cart “suddenly” stops working as it should with no input from yourselves it could be you have been subject to the latest automated hack. Some of the more common signs of this are * Category images stop displaying * FCK editor refuses to display images folder * Payment modules stop ... Read More »

15th Mar 2012
Potential Hard Drive work

We have received an automated email from server box1 on the Chicago net of a potential bad sector forming on the hard drive, there have been some things going on this past month that are very strenuous on the drive. We have made a complete off site copy and backup of all the sites on that box, so should the worst happen we will have a current ... Read More »

4th Mar 2012
Potential Storm Event of 2012

Good Morning my fellow friends of Tellox Web Hosting. As many of you may know we are facing  a potential serious storm event here in the southwest corner of Ohio, while our hearts go out to those in other states who have lost family members, homes and other properties this past week, we keep forefront in our minds that our first responsibility ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2012