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Potential Hard Drive work

We have received an automated email from server box1 on the Chicago net of a potential bad sector forming on the hard drive, there have been some things going on this past month that are very strenuous on the drive.

We have made a complete off site copy and backup of all the sites on that box, so should the worst happen we will have a current daily backup of the effected sites and at that point we would begin to reinstall the sites to a new server. This would be in the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure. As it is the on hand tech support in Chicago will be performing a hardware test at some point in the next few days, if they determine that a hard drive or blade failure is imminent we will schedule a time to have the hardware replaced, again we will have a copy of all sites on that box and as soon as the hardware is replaced we will be able to restore them.

Hardware failures are a regrettable part of the computer world, our goal is to let you know that if the very worst did happen, to save you that horrible stress and strain by reassuring you that your site and it's work is backed up, in these cases there is always some down time, but we have a method of restoring quickly

Sunday, March 4, 2012

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