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How to establish serivce

The following is the standard order of steps in becoming a customer with hosting with Tellox.net

1. Register on the site at http://tellox.net This gets you into our system as a customer of some sort, either for hosting or just registering a domain or possibly just as an affiliate. You do not have to order hosting to be in our system.

2. Decide when your ready what package your going to want. Again you will order this at our portal either by returning as a customer or while you are initially there. You can complete all steps at the same time. Also if you own your domain already you may just want to change your name servers, you will get an email telling you what to do, you may want to transfer your registration to us, if so you will still want to set your name servers at your current registrar to ours as transfers take a week at least by law to complete. During the sign up for web hosting you will have the opportunity to order an installation of one of the three most popular CMS systems at a nominal charge. Or you may wish to do it your self, this is entirely your choice we will still support you in every way we can. About support, you will notice we have some managed and semi managed packages, the semi managed package we have found to be the best bang for the buck, we are going to monitor your site for attempted security breaches, and in the event there is a problem that is not server related we are going to at you request go into your site and fix it or restore from our offsite nightly backup. For the non managed packages this is a $150.00 charge, but it is free under the two managed. Support for anything related to the machines or server programming is always on us, we do not charge for this.

3. You may need to register a new domain, we can do that for you as we are a registry under Enom during the order process you will be given an opportunity to do this, the system will check the desired domain name and advise you if it is available or not. Again during the order process you are given the choice of

  • Register a new domain

  • Transfer an existing domain

  • Point your name servers at ours, or make our name servers point to your domain, they are  ns1.tellup.net and ns2.tellup.net

4. During the order process you will have a box to add any special requests or instructions you may wish when we set your site up.

Once you checkout, the system will complete the order and notify us of it, if we see a special set of instructions we will open a support ticket for you on your behalf and keep you notified of the progress

If you have any difficulty or confusion during this process, call, if the call is long distance, send us an email and we will call you. 513-889-3139 Ask for Joe, Isaac or Mary

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